Playstation early developments and prototypes

DID U KNO Sony helped Nintendo develop the SNES so that’s why the original controller looks so alike

I’d actually type this up accurately but I am too distraught about my DS

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playing animal crossing is like playing the sims. you spend a week playing it nonstop then don’t touch it for 48 years



so the 30-year-old song “Africa” by Toto is now number one on itunes because some radio station convinced the whole population of new zealand to buy it simultaneously 

how and why

s’good song



David Tennant with his wife


David Tennant without his wife



She’s back!


I’ve been laughing at this for three years

I’m sick off work but I might have to drag myself to Jordans to see if it’s there.

I’ve looked everywhere. Where the hell could it be.

I can’t find my 3DS. I remember last having it… like, Friday? Or Saturday? Fucks sake this sucks.

Guide to preventing accidental move-outs in New Leaf!


Before I get started, most of this is based on bamdom’s guide to moving villagers out! Just that this can be used to also prevent villagers from moving out as well!

Now this isn’t a guide to prevent villagers from moving out if you haven’t played for a long time, unless you plan on setting your clock back to the day you last played.

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this bow is dumb

this bow is dumb


Kurt Cobain was so important


Kurt Cobain was so important

zacsergey said: How have you created ideas for your games? Are they came to you in like a random moment, or just sit a the table, thinking of your life(future game idea)...? For example, how the idea of "The Binding of Isaac" video game born?


everything i make comes from a small spark of inspiration. with isaac it was “i want to make an action rogue like spelunky but like zelda… but wait zeldas dungeons are laid out in a way that could allow for random generation if i just change a few things here and there… then i jump to if this is my zelda, what was zelda about? zelda was about miyamoto as a kid exploring the unknown and his imagination… what i i wrote from the same perspective about my childhood? 

its a connect the dots situation of design logic and abstract creative flow. 

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why is this so hard

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I need to start planning ideas for when Glitch comes back. My tower will be most amazing.

I really wanna put ideas in and hope they get made.